NARUMI NATURALLY is a brand that believes “Growing Beauty” Naturally is a way of life and not just a trend. Healthy Hair cannot flourish without a Healthy Scalp and NARUMI NATURALLY has formulated its products to support a healthy scalp, which can help to grow healthier hair.

Humble beginnings always lead to the creation of something great and Narumi Naturally is no stranger to this saying. Before Narumi Naturally ever had a name, the Founder/CEO Sherley Pierre-Jullot was in the kitchen constantly concocting different oil recipes for her hair, especially after the birth of her third child. During that time, Postpartum hair loss was real and she noticed that her edges started disappearing. Like every woman, she began purchasing all types of products and felt like nothing was helping. Until one day, her husband the Co-Founder/COO of Narumi Naturally said, “why are you buying all of these products and you have the ingredients here to make your own?” From that moment on Narumi Naturally was born.